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Functional Consulting

Functional Nutrition is the practice of assessing the body as an entire complex set of interrelated systems to uncover the underlying factor or factors that are causing a person’s symptoms and then using a customized set of science-based methods to alleviate those symptoms. Simply put, Functional Nutrition approaches the body as a whole to address the underlying dysfunction, opposed to targeting isolated symptoms.

The human body is a complex organism that consists of multiple systems cohesively functioning together. When one or more of those systems are working improperly due to internal or external factors, the entire body may become misaligned and its overall functionality is negatively affected. Oftentimes, this misalignment will manifest as various painful or unhealthy symptoms. While it’s possible for these symptoms to point to the ailment’s origin, far too often symptoms manifest in ways seemingly unrelated to the root cause.

The Functional Nutrition approach is the technique of conducting multiple, comprehensive tests to pinpoint the root cause of an issue for a specific individual. Then thoroughly analyzing the test’s findings to create a wellness plan tailored to promote healing for that individual. Just as no two individuals are exactly the same, no two wellness plans are identical either.

Think of Functional Nutrition like this….

If your houseplant is turning brown and dying, what do you do? You might water it, put it in the sun, or maybe even buy fancy plant food that promises to miraculously heal it. But if there is a pest in the ground eating away at your plant’s roots, all the water, sunshine and plant food in the world won’t make your plant healthy. Until you uncover that pest and eliminate it, your plant will never grow and prosper the way it should. Integrity Wellness specializes in uncovering that “pest” and we use functional nutrition as our set of tools to discover and rid our client’s bodies from those “pests,” allowing our clients to lead healthier more prosperous lives.

Do you have a “pest” or ailment that’s inhibiting you from leading an energetic and healthy life?

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Common Triggers Causing Dis-Ease



Michal started working with a client who just got out of a 2-month hospital stay. While in the hospital he reached nearly septic conditions and suffered from issues related to his lifelong battle with diabetes and other underlying health issues. After a thorough analysis, which included a number of laboratory tests, Michal uncovered autoimmune issues and a number of triggers that contributed to his “mysterious symptoms,” including chronic infection and hidden food sensitivities. She put him on a wellness plan tailored to manage his autoimmune condition and eliminate harmful triggers.

Within two weeks of implementing this wellness plan, his insulin does was cut in half, he lost weight, and he gained more clarity of mind. He continued on the plan and began implementing the principles into his lifestyle. Now, several months later, he’s living a healthy life with more energy and life-long access to control over his diabetes.


A middle-aged woman came to Michal with a number of health issues, including achy joints, skin reactions, brain fog, and sleep problems. It was known that thyroid issues ran in her family and her family doctor attributed these ailments to a thyroid problem and prescribed her thyroid medication. However, her doctor missed that her thyroid issue was autoimmune and the thyroid medication only addressed a fraction of her problems.

Michal uncovered her immune-based thyroid issue and discovered underlined issues, such as infections and other stress-based causes. A customized wellness plan to address these other areas of concern was implemented and the client began to see tremendous results just two months later. The client’s sleep and energy levels improved significantly, she lost weight and she was able to reduce her thyroid medication.

After the autoimmune element of her thyroid issue was uncovered, the client shared the findings and success with her family who also suffered from similar issues. Integrity Wellness was able to help her whole family manage their thyroid issue. If you or a loved one are suffering from any of the above conditions and are seeking relief, please call us (link to contact page) today to see how we can help.

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